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About Us

A team focused on your success

The Northeast Group is a Manufacturer’s Representative company that has been in business since 1973 serving manufacturers and customers in the New England, New York and northern New Jersey area. We are BRAND MANAGERS, and have been so for the life of our company. We represent each manufacturer as if it is the only one we sell. We make sure that every brand is presented and sold to maximize its potential; no matter what percentage of our volume it represents, it gets strategic planning and goals assigned to it. We treat each of our customers the same way. Whether it is a large national chain, an independent/specialty store or anything in between, they each get personalized service from our sales and support teams.

The strategy of our company is quite simple – we look for the “BEST IN CLASS” for each category in the industries we cover. Our goal is to consistently train our entire team on selling and customer service so that there can be more time spent by the principals on management and visionary planning. We have a continual upgrade process in place for technology and communication that keeps us in the forefront of our peers with ability to service all levels of trade. Our competitive advantage has always been our TEAM and the way we work together. Our personnel is seasoned, well trained, and strategically assigned to utilize their skills so that they can make the best contribution to the company success. All of our team members are FULL TIME, and focus solely on the manufacturers we represent.

We operate as a unit above all, and dwell on interaction and communication among ourselves, the companies we represent and the customers we serve. Our employee sales representatives are focused only on The Northeast Group business, policies, and planning. There is no outside influence with other lines that takes our crew from the primary task of moving the business forward. Our support team works the same way and in unison with the outside sales force.

The result: maximized sales and improved customer satisfaction – for our manufacturers and our customers.