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Lorraine Friedman

Lorraine Friedman is the President of The Northeast Group and a Sales Representative for key accounts at The Northeast Group.

Lorraine started her career at Macy’s in their renowned Executive Training Squad. Shortly after graduation, she was placed in the Bay Shore Macy’s as a Department Manager in Housewares and her love of the Home Store was born. Progressing through the ranks at Macy’s for the next five years and holding several positions, her last job at Macy’s was China Buyer. After Macy’s, Lorraine unleashed her selling skills at Wedgewood USA in the Mid-Atlantic States. Next, with a year of success behind her, Wedgewood moved Lorraine to Los Angeles to manage their west coast territory. At the time, two of their largest department stores were based there and there was a team of sales representatives that serviced the smaller store trade. Lorraine stayed in sunny California for 5 years before returning to NYC as the National Sales Manager for Sasaki Crystal, and subsequently Houze Glass. In these positions Lorraine was inspired to strive for an entrepreneurial life as a Manufacturer’s Representative, and left NYC to open her own Tabletop Representative Company, utilizing all the knowledge gained from managing representatives in her two National Sales Manager positions.

The Northeast Group invited Lorraine to be their partner in this venture and she moved to Boston, began soliciting lines to represent, and launched her business using the already established sales force and office support team at The Northeast Group to establish a notable option for representation in the Tabletop Industry.

Lorraine has been at The Northeast Group for 30 years now and has successfully led the team to diversification in lines represented, excellent service and success overall for the companies we represent and our entire customer base.