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David Friedman

David Friedman is the Founder of The Northeast Group and now oversees the sales and operations to maintain the integrity of the vision he set for the company in 1973.

David began his career in the home industry and for a decade held various positions in selling and management until 1973 when he launched his manufacturers’ representative firm. From the onset he knew the industry needed something more than what was available at the time. The Northeast Group was born, and from the launch has served top brands beyond their expectations. The company today has the same format as it did in 1973 with added state of the art communication and computer enhancements. We sell key brands in each category, have employee sales people who are dedicated to our company only, and proficient sales service at headquarters to support increases year over year. David piloted our most recent acquisition of our NY/NJ based operation and steered the company to our position today as the number one choice in representation in the Northeast.